Why schools (both central and state board) don't ask teachers who are CSIR-NET qualified?

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Schools should also seek teachers who are qualified for national level entrance exam like CSIR-NET. CSIR-NET is one of the best entrance exam in India because of its question pattern.
So why aren't they eligible to apply for schools. Also seats of CSIR-NET exam should be increased, so that more students can go for teacher-ship in schools even.
As an average Indian student, most important thing for him/her is a secure job i.e. a govt. job. So I think most students who are NET qualified will prefer to join for teacher-ship in schools even.
This will enhance the quality of teaching in schools.
Also, in order to become a good teacher, specialization of subject is also a must. Does qualification like B.Ed etc. are eligible enough or specialized enough to teach in schools?

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