Why convert everything to rat race?

Instead of having cut off marks based on students scoring, we can have minimum high pass marks that check if the student has enough knowledge to study medical including checking the projects they have done (it checks whether the student is exceptionally excellent for the work). Then lottery system can be done if we have a fewer number of seats.

This will reduce the too much of unnecessary burden on the student, also they needn't have to join coaching centers for getting the seats. No more sky touching marks, and no more importance of special coaching.

Scientifically speaking luck do play a role in the entrance exam, it's not all about merit. 
How luck plays the role?
Students who score 2000 rank is not necessarily better than 3000 rank.
Parents can't afford the coaching institute.
Not knowing the pattern of exams, such as e.g. following Campbell book instead of NCERT, even though you might me knowing more, as all questions will come from NCERT, you will score less.
The student has genetically less memory, as questions can be memory based. But the real importance is processing and analysis rather than memory based instant recall answers.

Having the lottery system eliminates all these kinds of faulty bothering fortune, and also reduce the student's psychological burden.

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